Tapestry History and Legends

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Cluny museum aroudn 1512 This tapestry ir part of a series of six famous hangings, five of which are about the five senses. The sixth represents a richly dressed lady standing in front of a tent crowned by a banner...
Cluny Museum, circa 1512. The Ladies with the Unicorn were given by Jean de Chabanne to Claude De Viste as an engagement gift. The Lion and the Unicorn holding the coat of arms are the emblem of strength and purity....
In this tapestry of the Ladies of the Unicorn, the seated Lady presents a mirror to the Unicorn who has placed on her two front legs. This scene represents one of the five senses: sight.  The unicorn, this mythical...
The tapestry "Touch" is a representation of "The Lady of the Unicorn". This one is, as its name indicates it, corresponding to the sense of the touch. It is framed by a lion and a unicorn.