Tapisseries d'Halluin

Sale of reproductions of tapestries

Reproduction of high quality wall tapestries woven on a Tapisserie Gobelin jacquard loom.

Flanders “verdure” from the early 17th century. At the beginning of this century, the considerable expansion of the new sciences such as botany, inspired Brussels weavers who tapestries known as "verdures". The...
This trendy cushion with its Pesley pattern will add an original touch to your decoration. It is perfect to decorate a sofa, an armchair or a bed. Made in France
This beautiful red Petit Lys table runner is a chenille. The woven lily flowers are yellow with shaded effects to represent the colour gold.
Medieval table runner represented by a plant stem on which a garland is wound. It can also be installed, flat, on a piece of furniture to decorate it.